We can help you plan your ideal vacation!

Why Use a Travel Planner?

You may be wondering why you would use a travel planner to help plan your vacations since you have access to a myriad of web tools, know your way around Google, and actually ENJOY planning vacations.  I totally understand!

However, I have learned that there are sources that ONLY travel planners have access to...including amazing tools that quickly identify the best choices based on all of your criteria...in much less time than it would take you to explore all of the different sources that are publicly available.

ALSO, I have a huge number of colleagues that I communicate with regularly to swap ideas and tips about our clients' requests.  By chatting with my colleagues in the travel industry, I get real-time access to important details about venues, activities, tours, and exclusive free add-ons that just aren't possible to get via online search.  Tapping into the benefit of personal experiences is invaluable!

Net net:  I can save you time, provide you with options that you would have a hard time finding on your own, and often save you money.  I'll work very hard to deliver on all of three!

The first step is for us to chat about your wants and needs and previous experiences.  It's important for me to learn more about your preferences and hear what you have liked/disliked about previous vacations before I can do my research and start providing you with some customized travel options.

Our Fees:

When we talk about what kind of travel you have in mind, I will let you know what fees will be involved.  In some cases (cruises and hosted tours), most of my time and effort are compensated for by travel suppliers who pay commission. In other cases where we are customizing a trip for you, I won't be using suppliers that pay commission, so I will quote you a very reasonable research and logistics fee that will cover the work I'll do to pull together all of the details for your trip.

Contact me so we can begin partnering to plan a wonderful vacation experience!